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Green Power Conferences has been in operation for 8 years and focuses exclusively on renewable energy and climate change mitigation business events. We operate in all the major sectors: wind, solar, biofuels, geothermal, ocean energy, small hydro, carbon markets, climate finance and sustainable business and have successfully run over 150 events in 35 countries and connect over 1,000,000 global sustainable energy contacts via the Green Power Databank.

Previous speakers include Al Gore, Sir Bob Geldof, Lord Browne, Gro Harlem Brundtland, and many more industry leaders and CEO’s. Watch the video for an example of one of our larger events. The Green Power Academy is our sister company that has run 60+ training courses around the world and prides itself on teaching and training new entrants, governments and financiers into the opportunities of the renewable energy.

Each event is developed by a team of market research professionals who ensure our events provide in-depth discussions and the latest industry updates in these fast-moving sectors. With a global portfolio of 35 events, Green Power Conferences is helping to accelerate the uptake of sustainable business practices from Rio to Hong Kong. We also walk the talk, by offsetting all our commercial activities through renewable energy projects around the world.

The company directors have a personal belief in, as well as a professional commitment to sustainable technologies, this combined with their considerable experience operating commercial, profit-focused events has made Green Power Conferences the market leading event organizer in the sustainable energy sector.

The company has attracted wealth of talent and experience from the events industry and is continually looking to expand.

Current Vacancies


Internship Programme:

3 Internships are offered on a rotating basis in each of the areas of research, marketing and logistics. Please send a cover email and CV to We welcome interns from all backgrounds and nationalities.

Green Power Conferences aims to abide by the Good Practice Guidelines for Ethical Internship.

Below are the Ten Points of the guidelines, each followed by what we're doing to try to achieve them.

Ethical Guidelines for Internships

Maximising value and productivity

  • Interns should be made to feel welcome and valued in the working environment; they should have adequate workspace, resources and contact time with line-managers and other staff. - Each Intern has their own computer and desk. Interns are always welcome to talk to staff, along with being able to participate in regular meetings.
  • Interns should be offered all possible opportunities to learn about the workplace; be allowed to read publications and other materials, ask questions and attend meetings where appropriate. - Interns are welcome to attend most meetings on request, come to events and engage in most tasks in the office.
  • Green Power Conferences should try to ensure that interns gain valuable experience and skills; work should include some challenging and stimulating tasks. - Interns are taken in as part of the research, marketing and logistics teams, and take part in a range of activities. Less interesting tasks are shared amongst all interns, and efforts are made to make sure they do not impede on their other tasks.
  • Interns should have an exit interview, with an appraisal of their performance and work and an opportunity to give feedback on their experience. - This is offered to all interns and they are encouraged to keep in contact with Green Power Conferences after they leave.

Working transparently

  • Green Power Conferences should be up-front about forthcoming employment opportunities and should take care not to raise false hopes. - It is made clear at the beginning of the internship that it is not designed as a path to a job.
  • Interns should be given a clear idea of their responsibilities and possible tasks, within which both employer and intern can work flexibly. - We try to make sure that as much information about the internships as possible is given on our website. Potential interns are encouraged to ask any questions they have both before and during their internships.
  • Interns should be recruited through openly advertised competition; positions should not simply be offered to contacts. Specific adverts should be placed for interns and we state clearly that we also consider ad-hoc applications. We generally receive a lot of our enquiries via this website

Being fair

  • Interns should receive reasonable expenses and employers should make efforts to ensure that internships are available to all, irrespective of background or ability to support oneself.- Expenses up to a value of £75 per week are offered for food and travel.
  • Green Power Conferences are sensitive to the pressures of working for free; where possible, they should allow part-time working and should not expect interns to continue unpaid for extended periods. Where suitable, internal work which might otherwise be outsourced (list research and data-entry for example), should be offered to interns as a means of earning extra cash. Interns that are required to stay on for longer than their planned period of work are offered temporary contracts.
  • Green Power Conferences will offer interns advice on pursuing their chosen career path. Where appropriate, we will share contacts and experience to help interns find paid work. They should offer tips on writing CVs and covering letters, and on interview-technique. - Such career advice is given and employees are happy to give appropriate contacts that might be helpful with an interns particular interests. Each intern has a mentor who will do their best to help in this respect.

If you feel that Green Power Conferences does not live up to its ethical internship guidelines, or can think of a way in which we could be doing more towards them, please contact

Internship example - Type of work

Internship aims to involve successful candidates in a wide variety of Green Power Conferences' activities in either research, marketing or logistics. Ideally, we are looking for undergraduates and recent graduates of any discipline who are interested in environmental industry, renewable energy and climate change, and want to gain valuable experience.

As a research intern you will either be assigned to one or more projects or a specific project area. Green Power Conferences focuses on six areas: renewable energy, climate change policy/carbon markets, sustainable industry, bioenergy and water sustainability. The role of assisting in research projects is varied, but at some time or another your responsibilities are likely to include:

Desk based research
This might include anything from doing statistical analysis to google searches. Finding new media partners, searching for target speakers contact details, writing briefing notes etc.

Conference Agendas
Interns get involved in helping the production of GPC agenda’s, from conception to the final draft.

The GPC Network
A common intern task is to expand the GPC database and network by, for example, finding people to invite to GPC events.

Interns can be asked to help out with, organising a wide range of project-related events and activities, from designing the structure of the event to sorting out the food and drink and attending an event.

Office administration
In addition all interns are expected to help with the day-to-day working of the office, assisting with such basic tasks as mail-outs, photocopying, building dbases and answering the telephone. These tasks are shared between all interns through a rota system, so at the most you'll spend 2 hours per day on admin tasks.

Having fun
The GPC office is a highly enjoyable place to work and learn.


Whilst all CVs received will be considered, due to the huge volume we receive we cannot guarantee to respond to all applicants.

Thank you for your interest in Green Power Conferences.


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